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Sustainable Organic Urban Farming


The service “SOUF” includes the Organic kitchen gardening along with the ornamentals & flowering gardens. The soil we are using contains rich in nutrients which help the plants to grow healthily without any chemicals & fertilizers. The seeds & material we are providing are fully Organic.

Buying Organic Vegetables & Fruits, Problem Is:
• Limited supply of organic foods & High costs.
• Not reliable.
• No quality checks methods available at home.
• Trust issues on availability.

Sustainable Organic Urban Farming

• Will grow at your terrace and backyard garden.
It is essential for
• Environmental Protection.
• Conserve Natural resources.
• Improve the quality of life.
• Closely living with nature.
• Rather than buying somewhere else, you can grow your own organic food.
• Building and maintaining healthy soil.
• Providing end-to-end solution.
• Ecofriendly environment for children to understand the farming.
• Reducing water and Soil pollution.

What we use in "SOUF"

• We use the soil containing rich in nutrients which helps the plant to grow healthily.
•Instead of using chemicals & fertilizers we are going with our organic nutrient solutions.
•We also provide automatic drip irrigation setup.

What we Provide"

• Terrace gardening setup.
• Backyard gardening setup.
• Consultation & Service (online & offline).
• Assistance in maintenance.

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