Horticulture Landscaping

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Horticulture Landscaping


The word “Horticulture” derives garden management, where it is intensive commercial production. Horticulture Landscaping in other words defined as the decoration of the tract of land with plants & other garden materials so as to produce picturesque and naturalistic effects in a site. It is done with a view to create a natural view by the planting of lawn, trees, vines, flowering plants, ornamentals & shrubs. Horticulture landscape is both an art & science of the establishment of a ground in such a way that it gives an effect of a natural landscape.

Aim of horticulture landscape

  • To enhance the aesthetic appeal of an area.
  • To increase the property value.
  • To reduce noise and environmental pollution(Plants in the landscape can be used to absorb noise).
  • To provide hobby activities for house owners.
  • To hide bad conditions in the area(Plants can be used to create a wall ground).

  • Fruit Fields.
  • Organic Vegetable Fields.
  • Lawns.
  • Flowering plants.
  • Foundation plants.
  • Commercial Crops.
  • Planting beds.
  • Watering features.
  • Adding rocks.
  • Shape Shape
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