“Better Environment”

Organic Farming tends to be better for the environment.

Organic farming practices may reduce pollution,soil erosion & increase soil fertility.

Soil Health

Organic Farming creates healthy soil.

Healthy soil creates healthy food & a healthy environment. Healthy soil is the basis for organic agriculture.

Benefits of Eating Organic

Eating Organic can reduce your risk of cancer

Cleaner food means cleaner diets which leads to a cleaner bill of health

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Sustainable Organic Urban Farming

The service “SOUF”(Sustainable Organic Urban Farming) includes the Organic kitchen gardening along with the ornamentals & flowering gardens.

HC Landscaping

Horticulture Landscaping

Horticulture landscape is both an art & science of the establishment of a ground in such a way that it gives an effect of a natural landscape.

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Indoor & Outdoor plantation

Improve air quality, reduce stress, Improve your sense of well being, Support cognitive health, improve environmental wellness and pollution free environment.


Conventional Farming

  • Heavy usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for cultivating crops.
  • Growing genetically modified varieties.
  • Poses a serious threat to human health and weakens the immune system.
  • Not rich in essential minerals and nutrients.
  • Disturbs the food supply chain.
  • Deteriorates the health of the soil.
  • It kills the friendly microbes present in the soil.
  • Farmers’ income is volatile by following conventional farming.

Organic Farming

  • No usage of pesticides & fertilizers using entirely organic methods and formulations for producing crops.
  • Growing local or original wild varieties.
  • It makes human health more effective and develops a sound immune system.
  • Rich in essential minerals and nutrients.
  • Sustains the food supply chain.
  • Improves the health of the soil.
  • Promotes the growth of friendly microbes present in the soil.
  • Farmers’ income is highly stable by following organic farming.
Needs for Organic Farming

Features of our Farming


Our Potting Mixture

Consists of Dr.soil along with red soil, coco peat with all Micro & Macro nutrients.


Benefits of Dr.Soil

Contains 6 varieties of fungi & 12 varieties of bacteria to grow to its maximum potential.



Transports required elements to the plants from the soil. EPB convert insoluble elements to soluble form.


Entomopathogenic Fungi

Promotes overall growth & development and protects the plants from diseases & pests.



Humic Acid formulation is prepared which supplies all the required proteins to the plants.



Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal increases the growth of plant’s root which helps to absorb more water from soil.

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What Client Say About Us

As day by day, the supply of organic food is decreasing and not available in all places, we planned to grow our veggies & fruits at our home but due to low knowledge, we failed on it. we searched for the services everywhere and at last we came to know about SOUF service providing by OWNVEG AGRO SOLUTIONS.

We are very happy to grow our organic food on our terrace and backyard and I like working in my garden after my work. The setup provided by Ownveg Agro Solutions was very easy and good and the services provided by them were great. Thank you Ownveg Agro Solutions for providing us with the great service SOUF and we are happy of being part of it.



It is very peaceful living with the plants inside my home. My mind gets relaxed when I come home after a lot of work in the office, having these flowering and ornamental plants in & around my house is very wonderful and thanks a lot to OWNVEG AGRO SOLUTIONS for providing the service Indoor & Outdoor Plantation.


Interior Designer

We have 3 acres of land which is empty for years, we thought of doing something in that land than keeping it empty, so we consulted OWNVEG AGRO SOLUTIONS for their ideas and services, and now we started growing fruits field there along with a small house with garden, we spend every weekend peacefully there. Thank you so much OWNVEG AGRO SOLUTIONS for your Ideas & Services.

Ashish Dhara

Our Blog Post

Articles of Organic Farming


-Father of Green revolution in india

If Agriculture goes wrong nothing else will have a chance to go right

Agriculture is the backbone of the livelihood security system of nearly 700millon people in the country and we need to build our food security on the foundation of home grown food.

Subhash Palekar

Father of Organic Farming in india

Natural wisdom can save agriculture

It is farmer and consumer-friendly.We dont use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It reduces costs and productivity is more. The food produced is safe and healthy.


Father of Organic Urban Terrace Gardening in india

"It is important to make Sustainable communities", he argues, "importing food is second slavery"

You cannot wish away urbanization, but to counter it, Dr.Vishwanathan,the father of organic terrace gardening in india says, Grow your own food.